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West Geauga Recreation Council
P.O. Box 393
Chesterland, OH 44026
Please note, because this is a volunteer-run organization, there is not a contact phone number.


PRESIDENT – Abby McCarthy - Send E-Mail
Conducts Executive and General Council meetings, is a member of all committees, obtains permits for all board of Education and public facilities, is the liaison between the WGRC, the community and school officials.

Assists the President, ad hoc member of all committtees

TREASURER – Tanya Birman
Manages the checking and savings accounts, manages investments, writes checks for all expnses. Prepares annual budget and monthly financial reports.

ASSISTANT TREASURER – Angela Kercher - Send E-Mail
Manages payroll system including dealings with PayChex, Inc. Files payroll tax returns, including withholding and Social Security tax.

FINANCIAL SECRETARY – Becky Edwards - Send E-Mail
Deposits all receipts into appropriate bank accounts. Receives all mail-in registrations and checks for deposits, tracks accounts receivables.

RECORDING SECRETARY – Darlene Janke - Send E-Mail
Takes minutes at all Executive Board and General Council meetings. E-mails minutes of general meetings to all members.

Responsible for the post office box by collecting and delivering all the mail. Works closely with the Financial Secretary to insure timely deposits.

PUBLICITY / WEBSITE – Sarah Mann - Send E-Mail
Produce and secure advertising for WGRC Program Guide. Place WGRC news items in local newspapers.

Collects materials and documents WGRC events for the annual scrap book. Official WGRC photographer.


Plan Christmas and Halloween parties, summer campout, luau and other group events.

Opening, maintaining, improving and closing the camp facility (all members work at the opening and closing). Includes arranging and scheduling of repairs and new construction projects.

Plan and organize summer day camp and before and after care programs. Hire and train staff, purchase equipment and materials for the camp programs.

Plan annual reverse raffle and other fundraising events.

LEARN TO SWIM – Andrea Milnar - Send E-Mail
Coordinate swimming instruction at the WGRC pool. Hire lifeguards and schedule swim program sessions.

Open, maintain, and close the swimming pool. Arrange inspection, ensure proper maintenance and chemical levels, identify equipment needs and arrange repairs.

SOCCER - Jeffrey Mann - Send E-Mail
Coordinate instructional soccer program. Recruit coaches, sponsors, and referees, schedule games, arrange picture day, order equipment and materials, set up and run soccer tournament.

SAND VOLLEYBALL – Cathy Danszczak - Send E-Mail
Set up the summer sand volleyball program. Schedule sessions, arrange contracts, purchase equipment and materials.

ADULT INDOOR VOLLEYBALL – Libbey Drockton - Send E-Mail
Set up the indoor adult recreational volleyball program. Schedule sessions, arrange contracts, purchase equipment and materials.

BASKETBALL – Josh Lear - Send E-Mail
Set up the winter basketball program. Schedule sessions, arrange contracts, purchase equipment and materials.

Run the concession stand at the soccer tournament. Design and construct the WGRC 4th of July parade float.

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